A magic past 17th of November

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”


Yes. Epic. Lyric. Music. Rhythm. Connection.


Today was awesome. My day started ok-ish, somewhere around 9 a.m.


Talked with my dad, got the desired work schedule, finally, which is a 7 to 11 am shift, good news from the girl I love so much, talked with friends and worked on the blog’s website. (still gotta work a lot on it).


I attended two events today:

Argentinian Tango class with champions Max Van De Voorde y Solange Acosta, two awesome people and dancers. Cluj’s tango team was awesome and organized this event in partnership with locals and provided the city with a really great time.

There were over 100 people  taking part to the meeting with open practice and the show afterwards. We laughed, learned danced and practiced together as an entire team.


After tangoing my never polished skills out of me, I went to the second event of the night, in Che’ Guevara, a pub in Cluj, where I was invited by a musician friend. Here I met and joined a jam session & spiced even further the so already awesome day, to great extent with great artists from different parts of the country that got together to sing. I played rythmegg.

On my way home, I partly traveled with some nice people I met on the street and were colleagues in some IT business job. Now I finally finished writing this blog post and gonna crush the pillow with my sleepy head.

In the end, I had an almost perfect day..

Funny how a piece from a two pieces puzzle means so much to a whole. Still, awesome day!



Photo Credit: zakariah





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