the Blog:

Friends from WordPress are suggesting I should use this post to tell readers why I started this blog and what plans I have.

Well, here I go, hahah.

  • I started this blog because I was sniffing this platform for quite a while now and also because I love sharing and making my work accessible.


Well, this all started with me creating a facebook page, where I thought about posting my eventual future photos. Its name is innspart.

However, I felt something was still missing and I didn’t have the whole picture figured just yet. Then I remembered about my attempt of starting a blog, about 10 years ago.

And here it is!


Well, I have quite a few targets. My plan is to make a journey out of my life; to connect, share and provide; to aspire and seek inspiration.

I want to feel good and make others feel the same. This is the circle I would like to stick to. A sphere of Life, Art, Friends, Togetherness, Liberty and Peace.


What is this blog and why?

  • It represents an inn for any/everyone to unwind, lay thoughts and grow in a safe & cultural friendly environment.
  • This blog is a treasure to&for me; a diary and one of my journals. It is a platform for my thought that offers me linear connection with myself & whoever actually reads this playful crazy rows.

Why innspart, what does it mean? 


It has its roots in inspiration, aspiration and this blog represents the manifestation of art creation. Beware, quotation. Above.

It is a wannabe inn for art.


To a future present present. ! <–