On Love & a Lovely day

“our Time is too precious not to Love”

Been inspired by compadre PrinceEa for quite a while now. He’s awesome due to the Love he has for what he does and for Nature. Once you become natural at loving the nature, the result can only be.. well.. lovely and impactful!

Thanks to Elephant for the words on Love

“Falling in love with yourself is the key to love. Once you love yourself, you can fully and completely love others. You never feel insecure or wonder where you stand because you know you are enough. And you are enough, not in a cocky, egotistical way—but you are a beautiful creation, just as you are.”

Never sell yourself short waiting for the one. Recognize you are the one, and the rest will come. That longing for someone else is really a longing to connect with yourself, and once you do that, the world has a way of falling into place around you.

Love is unconditional.

It is beautiful and complex.

It is a journey, and not a destination.

And it is out there if you are willing to look in the most unlikely of places

—inside your own heart.

“The four cardinal virtues are a road map to the simple truth of the universe. To revere all of life, to live with natural sincerity, to practice gentleness, and to be in service to others is to replicate the energy field from which you originated.” Dr Wayne Dyer

Pain is not permanent.

When we are hurt, that pain is not “ours” to claim. Instead, it is something that we need to acknowledge and allow to pass through us. We won’t always be in pain, but recognizing that it is creating a wound that we have the ability to acknowledge and heal is key to our ability to move on.




it’s already Tuesday, but..
worry not, I’ll tell you what!

brought new friends in my life.

provided my first confirmation of the participation at my wedding. Crazy stuff.

was sunny, happy, literalistic.

I read: on my way to the job, on my way home, home, in the tram/bus and their stations.

I went to wait a girl I love much more than I can possible explain with a friendly flower.


is almost tomorrow, as I am getting sleepier by second..

Just a little bit, good night!


I discovered my passion for photography a while back, not so far in the past.

Ever since I first got a chance to lay hands on a camera and play with it I felt amazingly empowered by this ability of capturing awesome views for later.


There is nothing more compelling than the potential of the image to express the riches of human experience.

This is what photography is about. Hopefuly, I’ll get my own camera soon, so I’ll be able to play under less limits with it!

I love to seek aspiration and to inspire aspiration, to get together with people and stay connected. I hope you enjoy all the work that you see on this website which is made of things I gather, regardless if it is made by me or not.