Povestea poeziei




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sng_CdAAw8M   Triunghiuri dorate. Momente-adorate- -n mereu ancorate: Nici aproape, nici departe. Rămase-n suspensie, Renunță la pensie Și scriu o carte.   Triunghiuri. Dor. Triangles. Infinite. Circles. Poeze. Zbor. Cercuri și rilis dă stress.   Hearty thanks to Mimi for the last verse and the beginning. Namaste 🙂


Before you read, click to Listen to an appropriate background.. Why not be brave and bear your scars? You paid the cost to carry them all. Pain, sacrifice, wisdom and truth, Lessons you learned from all that you’ve been through Silence isn't always an indication of strength, All that is unspoken is suffered within. Candor [...]