It all began in the past, not sure when.

What I can tell is that until a certain moment, all I was doing with my time was trying to spark a fire that well… was already burning but I could not see that.

I can see now and it’s truly lovely & liberating.

Some say we are living in times of revolution.

I call it a time of solutions, because I’ve come to the understanding that me and you are it: the solution. Indeed, the consumerism is colossal & we face important problems. But I see people mobilizing all over the world for a greater good. And this is beautiful.

We all live together.

We kinda doing it, but also kinda forgetting/denying it. This “kinda” habit is unhealthy and it appeared along with our spender self.

We are born as sparks in an already fire.

What we do with our spark, what we are/become it’s up to each of us. If we are not shaping ourselves, our dreams and our passion, others will.

What I am trying to say is that

Researching, Care

is getting you there!

Or close enough. I love poetry. Fat.

“Back to our sheeps”: Now that I also wrote a short poem I feel re-energized.

When I am talking research, there is plenty to mention: However, simply put, true research starts with YOU and Your Education

  • focus on promoting & develop a creative & healthy approach
  • invest time in yourself and know what you desire from life: you attract what you are, so be the change you want to see in the world
  • be patient and earn time to invest in you & what you believe in

This is the best research you can make.

I am actively working & staying connected with people; submitting projects, looking out for partnerships and opportunities to develop ideas or build at/on existent ones, while nurturing respect and love for life.

My research work:

  • identify problems & build permanent solutions
  • cultivate & grow towards a creative education system
  • develop, promote & sustain a healthy perspective, an example/model
  • meet, serve & provide leadership/expectations.

I am thankful for having and sharing the gift of life with amazing friends and people.

Without them/you, this blog will never have had existed. It’s part of the research and a tribute for all those that inspired and backed my journey. They are plenty and so is my gratitude.

Once you have faith, you have all you need: an infrastructure to build on.



Last but not Least.


“Just do it!”


I recently engaged into an educational program where I am going to study, travel, volunteer and work for the next period of my life. Set your targets and shoot beyond them!