Here me goes.
Sonnatico mode activated.
Shakespeare orientated,
Stepping on my hantoes:

It all began in college;
At least I so acknowledge.
I don’t remember how or why
but it was hundred forty-four – and shy.

I am hereby starting my travel alongside Willie;

Reconstructing his path, my way, but/and probably silly.

=154 remaining=

SONNET 144 – Ours


Two loves I have of comfort and despair,
Which like two spirits do suggest me still;
The better angel is a man right fair,
The worser spirit a woman colour’d ill.
To win me soon to hell, my female evil
Tempteth my better angel from my side,
And would corrupt my saint to be a devil,
Wooing his purity with her foul pride.
And whether that my angel be turn’d fiend
Suspect I may, but not directly tell;
But being both from me, both to each friend,
I guess one angel in another’s hell:
Yet this shall I ne’er know, but live in doubt,
Till my bad angel fire my good one out.


Till my good angel fire the bad one out,
I shall not know but live in doubt.
One angel is another’s hell?
Suspecting I am, but can not tell.
Two loves I have of comfort and despair:
One plus one, the perfect pair.
He is right fair, but she is evil,
He is a saint, but she’s the devil.
To win me soon to hell, I’m colour’d ill:
They ring the bell, I pay the bill.

Back in college while studying English Literature I was introduced to this sonnet which then grew into my own version which I so shyly read in the class. My heart was beating with the intensity of an athletics competition;

Looking back at it, it was the best thing I could have ever done with my creativity: LET IT FLY in the outside world! Since then I started to change and to approach things from a different perspective and feed my creativity – which is the most important part of ourselves, and the thing we should so much fight for in order to keep our soul alive, our mind playful and our heart big and loving.


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Photo credit goes to lovely Omoidenoki